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Class: PhpExt_Grid_AbstractSelectionModel

Source Location: /PhpExt/Grid/AbstractSelectionModel.php

Class PhpExt_Grid_AbstractSelectionModel

Class Overview

Abstract base class for grid SelectionModels. It provides the interface that should be implemented by descendant classes. This class should not be directly instantiated.

Located in /PhpExt/Grid/AbstractSelectionModel.php [line 25]

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Child Class Description
PhpExt_Grid_CellSelectionModel This class provides the basic implementation for single cell selection in a grid. The object stored as the selection and returned by getSelectedCell contains the following properties:
PhpExt_Grid_RowSelectionModel The default SelectionModel used by PhpExt_Grid_GridPanel. It supports multiple selections and keyboard selection/navigation. The objects stored as selections and returned by getSelected, and getSelections are the Records which provide the data for the selected rows.

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Method Summary
PhpExt_Grid_AbstractSelectionModel   __construct()  

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Constructor __construct  [line 27]

  PhpExt_Grid_AbstractSelectionModel __construct( )

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Access:  public

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